Easel Driver 0.3.15 released


Today we are releasing a new version of the Easel Driver, v0.3.15. Driver is available immediately to be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Linux at https://easel.inventables.com/downloads. You will be prompted to upgrade next time you carve.

Release notes:

  • Fixed line ending encoding issue on Windows
  • General performance and reliability improvements
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Button needs updating. :wink:

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Just thought I would let you know , we are on 0.3.12 and it did not ask us to upgrade.

Running Xubuntu 18.04


Hi Steve,
The driver upgrade rollout is multi-stage process. We don’t show the upgrade notification for all users immediately after new version has been released. By now you should be getting the notification prompting you to upgrade.

Thanks for pointing this out, download button now leads to the latest version of the driver!

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Ahh ok, Thanks!

Hey Kacper,

Just an FYI it still has not asked me to upgrade.