Easel Drop Down Menu " pro carve" top rt "

Once the machine is connected and you access the Pro Carve thru the icon top right
The exist two categories lower right " Home " and "Work Area * "
In Work Area * choices for xy 0.001 ,0.01, 0.1 ; and for z 0.001, 0.01, 0.1
Are these tolerances for each component of the position in the cut path ?

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Those numerical values are the JOG distances.
You will jog your spindle into position of where it needs to be to start the carve, those are the jog distance options, larger for when the gantry is far away, and as you get close you can reduce the jogging distance in order to get right onto the exact position desired to start the carve from.

Thanks Seth did run last night everything great !
Issued answered

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