Easel engraving second depth off alignment

I’m using easel online to run my x carve. When running a path to engrave, the second path to get a deeper engraving, the path shifts over to the right giving me this doubled image effect. Does anybody know what the issue could be?

detailed on specs:
what I wanted to achieve is an image with a cut path at 1/8inch wide, and 1/8 inch deep.
running easel from the internet, I set the cut path at inner fill, going .028 inch deep every path, using a 1/8 inch wide bit.

should I continue using easel to run my x carve?
Does anybody know a better software to run my x carve directly, without using the internet.

Thanks ahead for your time

is it on the Y axis?

Hi @MichaelS_Badass This sounds more like a mechanical or electrical issue than an Easel issue. You might need to adjust the Y axis or X axis pot on the gshield to give the steppers a bit more current.

To troubleshoot:

  1. Does every job you send exhibit this behavior or only this specific file?

  2. Did you try to verify sending the same file using universal g code sender to see if you can replicate the issue?

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I had similar problem at the start, I was thinking of few options and found couple of issues 1 my X axis grub screws have mysteriously disappeared and the x axis was jumping when the route repeats. Fortunately I found the grub screws under the belt in the grove I used a magnetic screwdriver to fetch them.
2 The y axis movement was some times jerky and missing steps and increasing power through potentiometer resolved it hope it is helpful.
good luck


I would say its on both Y and X because it slightly shifts upwards and towards the right.

thanks I’ll give it a shot, this could be the issue knowing that i’m having issues with jogging the machine more than 1 inch it would pause. I’m pretty experience with a laser machine but new to running a cnc router. I’m not to familiar with what your saying in the second troubleshooting option. Thanks by the way.

sounds like that could be the issue, i’ll try it out and see what happens thanks

Did you solve your problem? I am having a similar issue but it’s not with the machineI don’t think. It’s the table I built. It wiggles when then machine raises the bit and goes home. I wish that easel did some easing to smooth this, but I realize now that I needed to better brace the legs to the table. I used gas pipe for the legs and joined them to the table with those threaded circular plates.