Easel Fail to Generate tool paths/Simulate

hello All
I have an elaborate engraving project to do. however each time I try to simulate it fails and says easel in not responding. If I ignore it and go to the carving menu it fails to generate tool paths.
I there any way around this?


I’ve read on this Forum that the more elaborate carvings might do just what you are describing because they ARE so elaborate.
I’ve seen suggestions around this that suggest using the “Edit Points” feature to try to scale down the number of points (or smooth your curves). I’ve also seen suggestions that suggest using third party software (V-Carve or Aspire or the like) to generate tool paths G-Code.

I’ve not done anything super elaborate in Easel, so cannot speak to the error, However I would suggest searching the forum (use the search feature) to find the most detail regarding others who have had the same issue.

easel is limited and uses your browser’s resources to do a job.
Make sure your not opening up tons of windows and you have a decent machine.
The better then machine the faster it can process the data.