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Here is my problem, I am trying to cut this project out as a door hanger (pic attached of what I am trying to achieve). I have come a long way with this project but still struggling on a few issues (pic attached) if someone would kindly give me advice I would truly appreciate. I have had some amazing help thus far more than I could ever have imagined. I have watched the video on ornaments but still struggling IMG_3333|281x500

Sorry I don’t think my achieved look attached.

what exactly do you need help with ? what program are you using?

@PattyWolf Looks like it’s doing what you want. Not sure what you’re pointing out. Also, it looks like you may be off in one of your axes. Your circles (if they’re meant to be perfect circles) are a bit askew. That could be caused by a slipping pulley, belt tension, incorrect steps/mm, etc. Or the picture is making it look that way.

i did a quick video lets see if i can get it to post

hope this helps

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Thank you both so much! I am grateful for both of you helping.


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Your machine isn’t rigid, the X/Y flex a little during the transition between X&Y movement.
You can also see this on the circles which are not truly circular.

Check wheels/pulleys and make sure the belts have appropriate tension (not to much/to little).
Reducing feed rate may also reduce the artefacts as they show from deflection/backlash.
The harder it work the larger artefact.