Easel internet connection(noob)

Just finding out that Easel needs to have internet connection when started up. That’s a problem because I don’t have internet connection out in my shop. I have a 12x24 building about 80 feet from the house and the Wi-Fi is horrible out there. Ideas…solutions?

We have the same issue so we asked a neighbor who installs internet. He advised us to get a wifi extender with dual antennas, remove one antenna from the wi-fi extender and replace it with an external antenna, then run that outside. You might not need the external antenna and can use the extender as is.

Our shop is about 50 yards from our house. We can connect with the wi-fi extender that we have now (it has no antennas) but the connection isn’t the best of most stable.

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I’m not amused lol

You won’t need any cable at all. Just the wifi extender.If you get one with antennas, you probably won’t need to do the external. The one we have is just a box and was very simple to install.

True, you might get by with the 100 cable. We don’t have that option, unfortunately,

I’m kidding as well but that’s not an option. I don’t want to dig another ditch

If we could go that route, I would rather. It won’t work for us for several reasons. BUT, if the wifi extender doesn’t work, I suppose I could pull the cat-6 out there every day and roll it up when I come in. Definitely something to consider.

Eventually, I will go with V-carve. I have a software which I really like that I’ve been using for other things. It claims to work with cnc routers and lasers. Once we get the machine built, I’m going to try it and see. If it does work, we are in great shape.

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If your power fr the shop comes from the house, then thus may work well.


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You can actually get outdoor, waterproof and UV-resistant Cat6 that wouldn’t need to be buried. Wouldn’t be pretty but would be quicker and cheaper than almost any other solution.

Well there goes the idea if doing those extenders. And not sure I want to run cat 5 across my yard lol.

I never realized that about the breaker box. I guess that means I will have to come up with a different idea for my new workshop when I build it. Maybe I could run some form of network cable. I am putting in an extra underground pipe,with strings inside, to anything extra I may need. What would be the best cable to run about 100-150feet?

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My shop is 1 1/2 miles from my house and had no internet service - or shall I say I am too cheap to buy it just for the shop. Easel is not too data hungry and I get by using my cell phone as a hotspot. Actually I tether the phone to the computer via a usb as it seems a little more reliable than wifi. But either way works for me. I have a 7 gig cell package and never get close to maxing it out.