Easel-inventables layer by layer cut

Hi guys.
Is there a way to make the online software complete the entire layer set by the depth of cut, before going to the next layer?
This might take longer, but it would make the initial pattern clear quickly for fast inspection.

Hope you can help.

As a workaround to that do you know yo can select by cut type and select by cut depth under Edit?

Hi Steven. Very convenient feature, but my question was more about the CNC cutter completing the layers, instead of completing different shapes first.
Imagine I have a circle inside a circle. Right now it would complete the first circle, to full depth, and then go on to the next circle. What I want is that it does the first layer of BOTH circles, and then keeps going this way, completing each layer.
Hope it makes sense.

Easel is not that smart.

You will have to put each circle on its own work piece and cut them one at a time. Then you ended up going through the setup process for each circle

I was thinking about how to fake Easel into doing this… here is how I would… although this is going to make the process take a while to accomplish the task.

  1. each layer needs to be its own workpiece (example .06,.12,.18,.24)
  2. the depth of cut needs to be the same as the layer cut (example .06 layer is .06 Doc, .12
    layer is .12 Doc…) this is so you don’t have the machine ghost cutting previous layers and taking even longer than it already will.

That in itself “Should” work. I wouldn’t try it on a piece I cared about first go though. Easel does some crazy stuff

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Hey guys. Thanks for the answers. I guess I’ll have to make a workpiece for each layer then.
Makes it quite timeconsuming, but it will atleast work :slight_smile:

I would be interested to see how it goes for you. please share some progress.

I know i’m late in the game to this thread but I have given it some thought as I would like to do the same thing. My thought is to do the entire layout then just do a very shallow cut to start. This would complete the cutting much quicker. Then you could go back and make your deeper cuts. Just make sure you keep your home setting exact. Any thoughts on this idea?