Easel Is Running Sloooooow

Easel Slow and always saving and slows programming down. Trying to design something and It took a hour to do 15 mins of work. I finally did it in Aspire and uploaded it as a svg and still no better. It seems if I move the curser a inch Easel auto saves and when it does this it seems like a solid minute before it catches up. This just started happening when I installed new drivers a few weeks ago. Anyone else having this problem? If not any idea, why it is doing this? I will tell you I do use Chrome and all my cookies and temp files are cleaned out. I am baffled. I like the auto save but maybe every 15 mins or something instead of every move I make… Thanks for the help in advance.

The only times I have experienced this is when I setup the Aztec calendars, (marvel and star wars) or a DXF from a Facebook group. Sometimes they are so complicated it crushes Easel.

Thanks Steve, It is a big file that I was working on. But the odd thing is I can close that file and open a small file and it is slow as me riding a bike. It is consist and hasn’t change none. I am wondering if I uninstall that last update if that would help.

Contact inventables and let them log into your computer they will sort it out for you

Mine Dropped out twice today
Had to restart the project.

Sent a feed back to Inventables.

Hope tomorrow is better with no drop outs

Mine has been running fine with no issues.