Easel is soooo SLOW!

I am using Easel on a 8 core AMD 3.2 Ghz 8Mb RAM on a Windows 7 64-bit with nothing else running besides easel and this forum. It is SOOOOO slow I cannot even work in it. Granted I think I have almost 90 objects in my diagram but that seems like it should not be that big of a deal.

I would like to create the picture so that there is nothing else to do with it when I get it into Easel but I have to choose the depth for everything, and then tabs or no tabs, etc…

Are there complexity (ie: number of elements) requirements for Easel? Do I need to upgrade to better software? Is that like V-Carve? or V-Carve pro?

I found that when I have lots of objects on one project anytime you move one it needs to go out and save it online. Fewer parts, faster save. I have not bought V-Care yet, but will most likely end up doing that so that I can do some work offline.

I spent 20+ hours creating the svg file. And I think ti would take me 20 more hours just to set the depth and path cutting for it. And I am not certain I would even get it right and then ruin my material a few times too!

Easel is great for what it does. I opted to buy VCarve Desktop several months ago and don’t regret it at all. I’ll probably update to VCarve Pro in a couple of weeks. I find I can work much quicker in VCarve.

Thanks Bill. I have a few questions about V-Carve. I produce most of what I am doing in Inkscape. Then import the files. Does V-Carve allow me to set the depth and path (inside, outside, on path) of the objects? Do I then export that to control the X-Carve? I have done all this calibrating with my machine and its finally cutting properly, will I have to do that over with V-Carve?

You shouldn’t need InkScape when you switch to VCarve. It’s a full CAD/CAM package. You can’t draw 3D but you can import 3D images, if necessary. I do all my drawing and toolpaths in VCarve. You save your toolpaths to gcode, then use UGS or another gcode sender to communicate with your CNC. There should be no difference in calibration.

You can start with Desktop, which will do about everything you will need. Then if you decide you want the additional capabilities of Pro, Vectric only charges the difference in the price of each.

So there is no importing of files into V-Carve? I have a lot of time invested in the file I am attempting to get to work… I have downloaded V-Carve Pro and attempted to open the .pdf version of my file. It has all the objects in there I just have no idea how to modify the depth of each cut, etc… wondering if it is confused because its not a vector or something?

You can import a wide variety of files into VCarve. If you look on the Files menu, you’ll see an Import option. You should be able to see the options there for Vectors, Bitmaps, etc. I’ve imported a number of different vector files and have it trace bitmaps with good success. I imported a pdf recently with no problem, but that’s not to say I won’t have a problem sometime. :smile:

And so do you export some sort of file that you import into Easel and then it sends the Gcode down?

No, you don’t need to go through that step. All you need is a gcode sender like Universal Gcode Sender, Chilipeppr, or another sender. I use UGS and it works fine.

Ok, but what about all the specific calabration settings that I did for Easel to calibrate my machine. Will I have to do that all over again? Or does easel update the arduino with those settings?

The calibration settings are stored in the Arduino - part of the grbl settings. I can’t imagine Easel storing any information internally. That would defeat the purposed of having the machine calibrated within itself via the grbl settings. Now, having said that, I won’t let Easel run a setup on my machine because the last time I did it changed some settings that I had modified based on calibrating using direct commands via UGS.

Well thank you for all your assistance. I got the $50 discount in December so I guess i will just get V-Carve and then I suppose I need UGS or Chilipeppr or the like…

Get UGS here: https://winder.ci.cloudbees.com/job/UGS/

Keep up with the nightly downloads as they pass testing. I prefer UGS because it’s a standalone package.

Do you use the UGS Platform or just UGS? Seems USG platform is just a bit more functional of an interface?