Easel is SUPER slow

Anyone else having this issue? Easel PRO is super slow today and its not usually this bad.

Hi Gary,

We just completed some maintenance about 30 minutes ago. Can you try refreshing your browser?

thanks for the super quick update. I’ll try it and advise.

Update: tried easel on both Chrome and Microsoft browsers. Very slow simulation times up to 15 minutes at times.

The maintenance we performed was unrelated to simulation times. Can you share the Easel projects for which you are seeing slow simulation times?

I want to show you the files but there is no export option in Easel for the SVG I’ve been working on. One is the Star Wars Mayan Calendar file. I’ve “combined” the individual components of the main file in the hopes it would make it easier but I’ve not had any success speeding it up if its a multiple component file or one big one

I think that the slowness is probably related to the project and not a change in Easel. Those Mayan calendar projects tend to be very complex with a lot of vectors.

To share your project here on the forum click:

Then click:

And copy/paste the link(s) here.

Someone could then take a look at the project and see if there’s anything that could be done to make it simulate faster.

this maintenance you did have anything to do with a clearance issue? 4.5Hrs into my 5hr carve z access randomly decides not to pick up for clearance and has ruined the project… Please help

Hopefully someone can help me figure out this issue

That one in particular (Aztec Calendar) has sooo many details that it takes forever to create tool paths.

Figuring out that now. Good learning lesson. Most times I simulate it crashes easel

No. The maintenance we performed improved the time it takes to load Easel and save changes. It did not have any impact on carving or any other actions in Easel that do not use the Internet, such as simulating tool paths.