Easel issues

Has anyone else have problems with easel auto filling open ended lines on an imported svg. I have carved this design numerous times before and never had an issue. (see pic). Thanks

Thanks Phil, but what I find odd is that I’ve done this design several times before. Nothing has changed in the design.

I did re import the design just like I have before.

I haven’t touched the desgn. It was created in Corel Draw and export as a svg sometime ago. Sorry I should have specified that it’s an open line segment.

A couple of times. I also tried opening some other designs I carved before with open line segments and it does the same thing. I find it a bit strange, I really don’t want to redesign everything over again.

I will give Inkscape a shot when I get home. Thanks for the help.

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Hello Woodskroll, I’m having the exact same issue. I use Autodesk Graphic on my iPad and have carved out designs I’ve made and just yesterday started having this issue as well. I’m contacting Inventables first thing tomorrow. To coincidental for this to be happening on previous carve designs I think.

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I’ve found a solution, at least using Corel Draw. I now have to save my open line segments as an object. Even though I resolved the issue, it still doesn’t explain why I didn’t have to do this step before.