Easel layout


Hello all, I need help in laying out a picture frame, im looking to have the objects stick outside of the frame and have know idea how to set it up for the router to cut around the object on the outside to give me the look im trying to acheive . the picture is an example of what i am trying to acheive with no luck. any suggestions? please and thank you.

open easel, and make a box as large as the outside of the frame (8"x10") use the SHAPE tab to set dimensions and have the fill tab highlighted, set the cut depth, say .125"
then make a second box to the inside dimensions you want, set depth of cut to zero.
add in any shapes or letters and set the depth of cut, play with the depths to get the desired effect.
if you want the shapes to stick out at zero the set second box at .050" for the depth and the shapes and letters at zero.

I think you’re after something like this?

Place all your shapes where you want them (including the rectangle for your cutting board), then select everything and go to Edit -> Combine. Now select this new combined shape, and in the Cut tab select Outline -> Outside, and set the cut depth to maximum.

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