Easel limitation

I am trying to create something I thought was simple for my wife for mothers day. I am very new to all this and have only used my xcarve twice. I am familiar with CAD and was hoping this would be a simple design but I am having trouble.

I am trying to make three hearts . one Larger than the rest . The hearts are just an outline, say 1/4 inch thick. but they will over lap eachother. I downloaded a simple svg but when overlapping the hearts, it wants to cut through the overlap. I was hoping there would be a simple “trim” feature where you pretty much mesh the three hearts into one cut but i cant seem to figure it out.

Is there a better way to upload an image rather than a SVG? like I said really new to this but I thought this was a pretty simple idea. And trying to draw anything yourself in easel looks messy. Any help is appreciated.

Right now everything is rough, no real proportion or layout just getting a rough idea

Also was looking to write MOM in the opening of the large heart

like this?

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@SteveMoloney nice! yeah thats pretty much what im looking for. how did you go about it?

Ive been going through this site all morning. I had no idea about the combine button! Thank you for your help. I was getting frustrated with easel but i know its just a learning curve. What are your opinions on Fusion 360 or Vcarve

Is there a way to stop the cutting of intersecting lines? I want the three hearts to be fully shaped but the insides to be empty. I need to stop the carve cutting through each heart. It seems like if i was in a different software I could just trim the intersecting lines so the cut path doesnt go right throuh

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So i know i keep replying to myself but I think i did it. I love the xcarve forum. You can almost find a solution for anything

Looks good!
It is all in the layering, fill and combine.You can also use the offsetter app to fatten your text up as well. I have done that on very thin fonts. Just set it for .01 and see what it gives you. Takes a bit f work to fill and combine but it works. The offsetter app at .25 is how I created your outside border on the one i did for you.

I have only used easel and have been able to do everything I want so far. This winter will get V carve and start that learning curve!