Easel line thickness

Designed my dust shoe in AutoCAD, vectorized it in Inkscape and uploaded to Easel

What is your question or issue?

Also, screen shots of what is seen ad “not very refined” would probably help too. :thumbsup: :smile:

Sorry, the forum webpage started blinking and reloading. Had to shut it down. Statement was that it did not show up in easel as very detailed. The lines showing the groove for the brush material were very thick to the point of almost running together with the outline.

Did anyone else have issues with the forum this afternoon?

Screenshots please!

Here are the screenshots of easel with my dust shoe.

So the thickness of the lines (assuming you are using “Outline” cut) are governed by the thickness of the bit. It does make the design a bit less “precise” looking, but that is because it is the way that the design will cut. If you have two outlines running together, it means that with the bit size you are using the cuts will run together. Do you see what I mean?

Ah, yes Paul, that makes perfect sense! Sorry, newbie at work here. :smile:

No need to be sorry at all. I myself am a bit split on the representation. On one hand it is “accurate” in terms of being true to what is going to be carved, but on the other it can be difficult to design in that mode.

So then to cut a circle using 1/4 bit and I want a 1/2 line width I would need 3 circles to get to the desired line width?

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