Easel Live: Interlocking Candle Holders (and other interlocking things)

Hey, everyone! Mo here!

We’re gearing up for the last Easel Live event of 2016. Tomorrow (Friday 12/9) at 12 pm CST on Easel Live, we’ll be showing some interlocking techniques you can use to make your 2D objects come to life in 3D!

There’s a lot of expanded PVC dust on our machines as we frantically make last-minute holiday gifts and decor. We love this material because it’s cheap, easy to carve, and comes in a variety of colors perfect for the season.

I made a sled for our growing collection of holiday office decorations. It’s my first time doing any kind of interlocking joint, and I’m pretty proud!

We’ll show you all these techniques on Easel Live tomorrow at 12 pm CST. Please join us for a hearty dose of weekend carving inspiration!


@SamAlaimo made these adorable tree candlesticks out of expanded PVC. We had some fun painting these—a fun project for kids!—and adding a little festive cheer to the office. Dogbone joints are the secret to these designs, and we’ll cover them in Easel Live. Grab the project to make your own!


I made a simple candle holder for tealights or small pillar candles, both the top and the base feature interlocking parts. If anyone is curious about how I made the 4-joint votive top in Easel, I can do a quick tutorial showing the method that I used.


Going Live in 7 Minutes!

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