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Easel Live: Personalized Stamps! Friday, Jan. 13

Hey, folks! We’re back with Easel Live!

Tune in on Friday, January 13 (tomorrow!) at 12 pm CST and join us. You can sign into Easel before the webinar to get the link, or click here.

This week, we’re making personalized stamps. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to make a project that can be personalized with any message you want. Stamps are great for cards and greetings, but they’re versatile tools you can use for a lot of projects.

For instance, I made a stamp and put it on a t-shirt. I’m not crazy about Valentine’s Day but I am all about self-confidence, positivity, and doing my best to make people happy. My “hello beautiful” stamp is my way of spreading love for the holiday season. :heart:

I hope to see everyone on Easel Live tomorrow! And please share your stamps (or other Valentine’s Day projects)!


Kids often need to bring valentines in for their whole class. Making a stamp is a great way to make many paper invitations with only a single carve.

I made this ‘Dino-Mite’ stamp for my friend’s son Gavin to make valentines with:

I have to say one of the best parts of making Valentines is coming up with the puns!

Everyone, what are some of your Valentine’s Day puns?


Sam, I’ll see your pun, and raise you some mild trademark infringement!


Also, shot out to @ChadRuble for making this super-cute project. I think friendship necklaces have a lot of Valentine’s Day potential!

Thanks @JohnMcwhirter for the shout out. It’s a fun, quick project. Couldn’t make the live session, but am looking forward to checking out the session later. Carvey + Kids + Valentine’s Day = :heart:

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I’m getting into these puns, folks.

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Hey All,

In case you missed the Easel Live session about stamp making, here it is!