Easel needs to have capability to multi select objects

Easel needs to have capability to multi select objects. Seems you need to select all or a single item. If multi select with maybe a control key would be a big addition .


Maybe I am not understanding but if you hold shift you can select multiple items.

Press and hold shift, then click on each item you wish to select. This is also a good way to move an item a very short distance. Do this by clicking on the item then press and hold shift and one of the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up, down, left, and right. Hope this helps in your carving, enjoy !

All this being said, it would be nice to have a “layers” window. I use a cutting program for vinyl that has this so when things are close together or “behind” something you can still select them without having to move FWD or whatever… I would love to see that option.

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+1 for a “paths” popup menu. I’d say, scrollable, with 10 selectable tool paths showing. Individual tool paths could be selected and deselected in the popup or the CAD drawing.


It would be nice if the design side (left) would only show the vector regardless of bit size, pocket, or profile. This would prevent it from hiding nearby vectors. There is a preview pane the right to show the actual cut relative to bit size and type.

Can’t select multiple nodes when trying to edit nodes.

Second that. Layers or a sort of grouping option would be awesome. It can be a hassle to select what you want to select, especially with items that are (slightly) rotated.