Easel not completing session

Ok guys, strange issue tonight. I have carved multiple projects tonight and all of them fully complete in terms of the machine. It finishes cutting, moves back to work zero and shuts off, normal stuff. But the easel status is stuck at 99 or 100%. If you X out of it and say everything went ok, the machine moves down and over in the X. Luckily the first time I was quick on the kill switch because it nearly drove the bit into the material. For the others I jogged it over out of the way before cancelling easel.

Anyone seeing this?

Thanks Phil. I don’t recall having anything plugged in except the machine but I’ll double check on my next run.

This sounds like a bug in the Easel Driver—what version of it is installed? (You can check under Machine → Advanced → Machine Inspector.) Updating to the current version (0.3.2) might help if you’re using an older version—you can get it from http://easel.inventables.com/downloads.

If you run into the problem again, please click “Something went wrong” and then “Get help from Inventables” and describe what happened. Easel will submit some diagnostic info along with your error report that will help us diagnose the problem.

Thanks Jim. I did another cut after I posted the last message and it was fine (weird). I did notice last night I was prompted to install the latest 032 version as i was working on a design. If it happens again I will submit a ticket as you suggested.


I had it happen again this evening but under different circumstances. It appears to happen when cancelling a project using the X in the progress bar. I killed a job after breaking a 1/32 bit for pushing a little to hard. After cancelling, the bit returned to what it thought was the work zero position however it was ~2" to the right. I checked the machine inspector and in fact it showed it was work x0, y0. So it somehow inadvertently changed the work zero position.

Any thoughts on this? It now happens on every carve whether or not I pause the cut or not.

Phil, I don’t think it’s losing steps. I’ve been using the same USB cable for over a year and the symptoms didn’t start until recently with no notable change other than the Easel driver being updated.

After the carve is physically done, it returns to zero as it should under normal circumstances. Router shuts off. The Easel screen shows it stuck at either 99% or 100%.

Only way to make it go away is click the X. The “Carve ok or not” screen comes up and the router either goes up or down ~1/4" and then moves in 1" x and y.

I would agree on the steps if the router didn’t return to the correct work zero and shut off the router which indicates the g-code all completed successfully.

I’ll take a video showing what it is doing to better illustrate the situation.

This one definitely sounds like skipped steps to me. If the cut settings were too aggressive, or if it hit a knot in the material or something, this can cause the machine to skip steps and then break the bit.

I’d agree that the other times you mentioned, when it does return to the correct work zero, do not sound like skipped steps.

If it sits at 99 or 100% after carving finishes, I’ll friendlily repeat this :smile::

Sorry I was clicking on the help stuff before thinking it was sending error reports. Somehow I overlooked the giant “get help from inventables” button at the bottom. I just submitted a ticket including a video of the issue in action. Thanks for following up.

After discussing with Inventables support I reflashed my arduino to the latest 1.0c firmware and the issue has disappeared. So for some reason, at least for me, the issue was with the 0.9j firmware.