Easel not loading bits in Metric when inputted

I’ve gone to load more bits into Easel but have found now entering a metric width value save it and when displayed with all other bits on the page it changes it to an imperial value??
Example: 6.0mm saves as 6.000 in
I’m sure this will cause issues.

I also changed one of my old bits I had previously saved as metric and it did the same thing :rage:

I’m not experiencing this issue. One has to type “mm” after the bit diameter to get it to save as metric, but other than that, it seems to work fine for me…

Try a V bit,

Ok now for some reason I cannot change an old configuration from imperial to metric, also just entered a new bit and it seems to be working fine now?

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I repeated the exact same process as the prior video, but using a V-bit worked exactly the same. I can’t get it to change even if I try and even if the project itself is set to inches.

It stays at whatever the initial assignment was, I can’t change from inches over to mm and I can’t change from mm over to inches… I expect this is on purpose, so if you need to change from mm to in, you’d need to create a new bit entry

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I’m going to go through all my bits now, delete and re enter them as I also have new stock to input. Just with you could enter a radius head bit

Thank you for your help

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