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Easel (not Pro) as a subscription model?

I am surprised that there is no discussion about the survey sent out by Inventables on the 1st May regarding a possible subscription model for the use of Easel.

Are they really thinking about this? Maybe they don’t have enough subs to Easel Pro …

@QuintonLawson, can you share some screenshots? I never saw this survey.

It was in an email I received …

Don’t know if it will work for you but here is the survey link;

Well, from what I saw, there were variations of Easel with a few more features, but not the entire Easel Pro feature set.

Only time will tell if statements are retracted, but I’m pretty certain that Inventables has always stated that the basic version of Easel will always be free. The day they start charging for the basic version of Easel will be a sad day for both parties as they will likely lose a lot of customers for the X-Carve itself.

I mean if there were levels to choose from for various features then that might be OK. Say like I wanted to add V-Carve only to Easel with no other extra feature like raster cuts or fonts, and I was OK with that level of pricing then fine. The problem I see with the subscription thing is that it is fairly expensive when you are talking about hobby-grade machines, and paying the price for Easel Pro does not get you many more features. That and development on new features seems to go at a very slow pace.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Easel and use it for almost everything that I do!


Brandon Parker


Brandon Parker

@EthanKinney guess we won’t win the 100.00 i never got one either. :smiley:

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I never got one of those either. :thinking: lol

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