Easel not recognizing X-Carve, should be simple fix - Mac OSX

I know this has been ‘somewhat’ addressed on here, but in all the reading, I haven’t found my specific case. I bought/assembled the 1000mm X-Carve and after updating my Mac OS to 10.12.2, turning off my Bluetooth (wasn’t clear on whether this was blocking a COM port) and plugging the laptop in (I was unsure if 30% battery life was enough to power the connection, I was able to get a connection last night for a few test cuts.

No idea why it won’t connect and furthermore why it connected last night? I am on a Mac, I’ve installed the local Easel driver (3.2) and I’m kind of at a loss. I also checked the ‘About this Mac > System Report > USB > USB 3.0 Bus’ and the X-controller IS being recognized. I am not familiar with Terminal, Arduino, FTDI or any of the other things these forums seem to assume is understood as an effort to troubleshoot – TOTAL newbie to CNC.

I’ve read all the forums and most are over my head. I just want this thing to work :frowning:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I unintelligently took on a project that assumes this capability and the deadline is looming!


I would recommend that you google some of the terms that need clarification, Terminal is what some refer to a “command line, or command console” Arduino is a controller board with a specific chipset that controls your x-carve which needs driver on the computer that can “talk” to it over USB, FTDI is a driver for the newer X-Controller that is also Arduino based. to trouble shoot your problem you need to know is it software, hardware or something else??? there are several simple things to try first. since you have had it working it is assumed that you have all the needed driver installed and you are not connecting with it, so first and foremost turn off the computer and reboot while it is off also turn off/ unplug the controller and let it reset as well, most of the time this will fix the issue, as it could possibly be that the com port for the USB is “stuck” or held from some other instance. reboot will release and it might reconnect when rebooted.