Easel Path control Joined vs Separate, Inside,

Have dxf file see attached Hole need to be " inside "; lines need to be routed " on line "
In Easel how do I tell the system to execute the different sequences

Converted DXF files

If you are converting a DXF file from a CAD program to an SVG, there can often be some issues with paths not being joined together properly. If your file is importing as a series of disjoint paths, rather than a single object, this might be the cause. In order to solve this problem, you’ll have to join the individual line segments. This is usually done by selecting all the objects and running a “Join” or “Weld” command (depending on the editor).

It is important to ensure that all of your polylines are closed. Otherwise, the toolpath that Easel will create may isolate lines as individual objects. This can cause a longer than usual carve time.


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