Easel post processor and V carve

Hi, I was having trouble with the post processor for V- carve and easel, on the drop down menu in V- carve I was choosing X carve which did not work, I could not import to easel , so I downloaded the post procesor from easel, as instructed on their website, I copied and pasted it in the application data folder in V- carve, but that did not work either, so I draged and dropped in to where it said my PostP and when I went to try again easel was already selected in V- carve as it was the only option there all the rest had vanished, it is working as it should now and imports to easel, but I would like to have the rest back in case I need any in the future, the full list is still showing in PostP in the application data folder, can I get the list back in the dropdown menu

I assume you mean V-Carve…if the MyPostP folder is empty the list will reappear…

Thank you Erik, yes I meant V-carve, I will try and correct the post

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I use Vcarve and i use the Easel PP.
Vetric will give you a copy if you don’t have one.
They are fast at responding too.

Thank you Stephen, I will wait a few days to see if the list comes back and if not I will contact Vectric

If you put any Proscessors in the myPP folder when you open vcarve it will automatically only display those PPs. That’s the point of the folder. If you want or need any others simply add them to that folder or if you want to see all again empty the folder and vcarve will display all within the application.

It’s an order of events thing.

Thank you Joseph, I understand what the folder is for now, so I will just add what I need