Easel Pro / Carveking Question

I recently started using Easel Pro with my Carve King. My work piece is 7"x16", I have all of my objects are within that space, when I go to carve, the final product exceeds the 7"x16" space and I cannot figure out why. its almost as if it is being scaled up when it is sent to the machine. I have tried carving direct from Easel as well as exporting to an NC file and using UGS. Any help would be appreciated, I am very new to all of this.

Thank you

Have you calibrated the machine? If you move the machine 24”. Does it actually move 24”?

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Some machines use different microstep levels, different pitch screws, belts and pulleys so one revolution from the stepper may yield a different distance of travel.

Finding the sweet spot of microstepping is a hardware adjustment (on the stepper drivers)
The goal is to just use enough microstepping to smooth motion, especially during acceleration/retardation.

Calibrating the step / mm value is done by editing the $100-102values in GRBL, first establish the current travel when commanding a certain distance jog (Say you command 200mm jog and actually measure 325mm, the step/mm need to be recalculated)

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Thank you very much, that was exactly my issue. I pulled the default values from MillRight and uploaded them via UGS and it is now working as it should. Thank you again

Somebody can explain me why on my first test carve the machine carved something different instead the computer with my name? please why the machine dont do the comand? Please help. thanks.


Show us what you did get - so we dont have to guess :slight_smile:

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