Easel pro complaint

Kind of pisses me off that inventables sells v-bits and then wants you to pay for easel pro, I really don’t see why, only thing you get more is speed up time and some extra fonts.
If I don’t get easel pro then my carving time is like 4 or more times the time of easel pro.
Why do you sell v-bits for your machine if no one can really afford to pay the price to use them as per Easel pro?
That seems like going into a store and getting a cup of coffee, but if you want to sit down it will cost you extra. lol
Or why can’t you use a v-bit in reg easel? either way it would still take 8 hours to carve unless you buy pro.
yeah I know we get 4 days free, but if you just use 3 hours of a day with pro you’re loosing out on 21 hours and can’t get them back…

If you are intent on not paying for the service and only want to rely on the free 4 days and are worried about the loss, then do not carve unless you have an amount of carves that satisfies you.

save your v-carve projects until you have enough to cover a full days worth of work. then use that free day to carve all day long and you should not feel cheated.

I was always taught not to look a gift horse in the mouth. a freebie is a freebie enjoy it for what it is.


uggghhhhh, I’m going to end up buying a yearly sub, but just stating that they sell you the bits, turn down run time in easel, and unless you want faster carves then you have to buy Pro.
Some ppl don’t get enough projects to fill a day up, and when projects do come up ppl would like them in a time frame, not 2 weeks later as one would have to save up projects so you can get a whole days worth…
Just me ranting…must be one of those mornings and have had 3 cups of coffee already…maybe they didn’t kick in yet or I’m over amped…lol

They don’t turn down run time in regular Easel. Easel Pro does a different function when v-carving. The toolpath in Easel Pro is 3D, with the V bit dipping lower for wider parts and coming up for narrower parts of the carve. That’s why you can achieve a much faster result that looks rather impressive. This is a much more complicated calculation than a 2D toolpath, and Inventables spent a very long time developing the code for it.

I’m not suggesting the pricing makes the most sense, because the functionality you get from Pro isn’t really enough for actual professionals to use only Easel/Easel Pro for their business, so they’d be better served to explore other software that has loads more capability.

For hobbyists, however, four free carving days a month is more than sufficient, as you get unlimited designing/planning time, and can prepare multiple jobs in advance, go into the workshop and activate a day, and carve them all in your 24 hour window. That’s four free weekends of carving a in a month of four weekends. Seems fair to me.

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They sold the v bits before they had easel pro. You just need to learn how to cheat easel to use the v bit.


Other software can create v carve toolpaths. Examples are Vectric, F engrave and maybe Fusion 360.

everyone always leaves out the most obvious and most Easel like option out there.

try Carbide Create. it has V-Carve and local fonts and also is not cloud based so you install and run local without internet.


Get Vectric Desktop and never look back…

Home Depot sells paint but I still have to pay if I want someone to paint my house


yeah but they don’t charge you 30$ a can to stir/shake it for ya now do they? Evidently you need to invest in siding like I did… that was a pretty ignorant answer.
And as answered many can’t afford it, but no worries I bowed down and got the yearly sub. So I guess this topic can be closed as of now… :wink:

sorry I don’t think it was an ignorant answer at all, my apologies if you took it that way. I will explain further… you have to buy paint (the v-bit) but the paint doesn’t paint the house by itself. A person if it were me, then I am Easel. I will get the job done and am free labor. If I want it to look better than I can do, I will hire someone to do it ( in this example the hired person represents Easel Pro). It will look better than I can do for free.

I don’t have any Vetric products either due to cost. I work with Easel and send my Gcode to bCNC to cut my projects. I have not even used more than my 4 days a month with Pro yet. If I have multiple projects that I want to do I will use one of my days and download a few projects of Gcode.

Enjoy your day

I think your a sandbagger.

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