Easel pro controlling China CNC Zone 6090?

Hi I was wondering is Easel can be used to control a China CNC Zone 6090 that I have. I recently bought it used at a local auction. It came with Mach3 unregistered and not setup. And also USB CNC Controller which is setup but kinda confusing. I was hoping that Easel has a driver or whatever is needed to run the machine? Thanks

You might have luck using the Easel Export G-code option. That lets you download the G-code that Easel produces and lets you run it locally on your machine using Mach or other software. I have had good luck doing this on my Techno Isel Davinci III CNC.

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The unregistered Mach3 copy is most likely pirated and just a demo version, limited to 500 (?) lines of gcode. That controller board is not GRBL compatible and wont work with Easel.

What kind of USB CNC controller do you have? If its GRBL-based it will most likely be Easel-compatible.
Pics, description - whatever you got, just share :slight_smile:

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The mach3 is in demo mode. So I’m using planet cnc’s older software to run the machine now. It’s called “usb cnc controller” i think version 2.

The controller is a usb to parallel port 6090

Okay, I dont think that controller is GRBL compatible but I dont know for certain.

Okay. I’m okay with transferring gcode to the control software.

I can’t find any export options , only imports

load your drawing. go to machine/advanced /generate gcode… once you click on generate gcode, you should see the …export gcode button