Easel pro or easel free

Wondering what the difference between easel pro and easel free is? Can’t seem to find the answer anywhere. Also was wondering what the difference between vbits and normal bits are, seems to take down the product time by a drastic amount

Well, both of your questions are related.

Easel Pro adds additional fonts, and allows V bit carving, and a few other features.

Easel free does allow user to have 6 days a month of Easel Pro carving, so you can try it out.

V bits are just that. A bit that is shaped like a “V” and comes to a point at the tip. They come in various angles, such as 90, 60, 120, etc. (the most common)

These bits are used in conjunction with a changing depth of cut during carving to achieve a varying line width, mainly for sign making and doing text. They are much faster than trying to do the same thing with a straight sided bit, and give a tapered cut to add additional dimension to your text.


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Great thanks for the reply, I am also importing detailed sketches from gpogle to easel and it shows that it can make the cut, but I’m just wondering if I am missing something? How can it be that easy just upload an image and carve, I have not received my machine yet and I have never owned one, just thought I would get to know the software.

Sorry, but I use mainly V carve/Aspire, and UGS for what I do. I used easel when I first got the machine, but very quickly outgrew its feature set. Perhaps someone else has a more detailed answer for you.

For the most part, that’s about it, except for setting feeds/speeds, and depth of cut. It’s truly that simple, but can get complicated quickly!

@MatthewRoberts. Take a look at some of my videos. They may help you get started


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By the way you get four free days per month of EaselPro

Easel does make it pretty easy! Generally, if the preview looks good, the carve will be good. Of course, that’s assuming you’ve taken care of all of the non-Easel variables. When it’s not easy, you’ll have to add some other software to your workflow.