Easel Pro: "saving" project XY as a machine default?

Hello all,

New chap here. 2 months with Easel Pro + Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max + 3040 Y-Axis Extension Kit For 3020-PRO MAX CNC Router upgrade (a long-winded way of saying “double Y work area”).

I like Easel Pro a lot. I’m a freelance professional designer and create on Adobe Illustrator in my home studio.

By the time I’ve trotted downstairs to my garage workshop, I can fire up my old MacBook Air connected to my 3020 PM and I’m ready to carve.

Finally, to my question:

When working on a project with multiple workpieces - as I mostly do - the Carve function allows the XY position to be set to the last position used when progressing through the project. Very handy.

Obviously Easel has saved this value in its cache. So why can’t we then save this as a named XY on all projects? It would give us a default Home position.

For example, the majority of my projects XY will be 0,0. Under the Machine>General Setting menu item, it would be super useful to set this as a default start - or home - position.

For what It’s worth, the XY zeros ARE saved onto the CNC until overwritten. so you can simply turn on the CNC and home, and then select “use last X,Y” and it will…

It should be noted that there is only one HOME on a cnc, this is the location of the 3 limit switches.
What you’ve referenced is the work zeros position aka the origin.

IF you are interested in saving JIG locations (which live on after X,Y zeros are saved over) then you can use the G28 function.
This works by Homing, then jogging the spindle into position above the workpiece, and opening the Machine Inspector Page (press ctrl+shift+D) then send the command G28.1 now the location is saved onboard the CNC and can be re-used anytime in the future. Even leaving the cnc unplugged for years, you can return to the cnc, home it, then open machine inpspector and send the command G28, now it’s back at the jig location. from there you go to the carve page in Easel, Select “Set X,Y zeros” and then Probe for Z. and run the carve.

This G28 function is what I use on my CNC for when I use a L corner fence to align workpieces to at a repeating position…

There’s also a second savable position which works exactly the same as G28, called G30. So you get 2 savable Jig positions.

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Thanks Seth,

Brilliant, that’s a great help. I just delved into the Machine Inspector and this gives me exactly what I wanted.

The option of a second setting is also a boon.

By the way, for those like me who are using a Mac, the keyboard shortcut to show the Machine Inspector is: command+shift+D

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Yes ctrl with windows is command with mac :smiley:

If you’d like the rest of the easel hotkeys: https://inventables.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012725194-Easel-Keyboard-Shortcuts

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