Easel pro transfer to new owner?

Picking up a G3 X-Carve in the morning. previous owner said the he had Easel Pro but it is non transferable. What are my options.

Call Inventables they may work with you on it.

Easel Pro is a subscription service. However, a 3 year subscription is included with the new x-carves.
It doesn’t say anything on the web about the transferability of this initial subscription. It will depend on if the previous owner had it more than the 3yrs. But if you call inventables, they will likely give you some kind of offer.
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Let me know if this reply works

Yeh @ScottAnnand1 reach out to us directly (help@inventables.com) and we can get this set up for you!

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I have sent the information to help@inventables.com

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I have been contacted by customer service informing me that Easel software is not transferable. Buried within the fine print/legalese of their user agreement.
Now I don’t have a problem in purchasing upgraded software (have done so for all my CNC equipment) But, with 30 months left on the previous owners Easel Pro account you would think that Inventables would work with you. Guess not.
This has made me re think purchasing any further products for my X Carve through Inventables.