Easel Pro V Carving Stacked Text?

Is anyone out there trying to use EP to design and carve stacked text?
What are your results, good or bad?
Removed text, poor clean up?

Your XC is anti-pirate… removing the AR!

I was looking at using it for some stacked text but the depth I wanted it looked strange to me on the detailed preview so I went back to a regular bit in the design.

I cant wait for when you can choose what elements you want V carved

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You guys are a rough bunch!

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Hi Mark,

Can you PM me the project URL?


Here is the link.

Thanks. We will investigate this.

I just ordered my x-carve 1000 yesterday but have been playing with Easel trying to recreate some projects that I had created for my Carvewright. One of them is also stacked text. When I ran the gcode through a simulator, I also noticed that the “M” in SMITH on the project at the link below was missing.

I though maybe you could use another test example.


Hi Everyone,

We released a fix for missing text. Please have a look.

We are still working on a fix for artifacts remaining between letters. We will let you know as soon as it is ready as well.

Thank you


Thanks for the quick response. I just ordered my machine the past Sunday but a lot of my projects involve stacked text. This will make my workflow much smoother and my decision to purchase the X-Carve a great one!

Keep up the good work and add any features that will help with stacked text (or text in general).



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