Easel processor in Fusion 360 always shows a Clearance Height warning

In Fusion 360, I’m using the “Easel by Inventables / easel” post processor.

For any operation, when I go to post, I see the following warning:

Warning: -Attention- Property ‘Safe Retracts’ is set to ‘Clearance Height’.
Ensure the clearance height will clear the part and or fixtures.
Raise the Z-axis to a safe height before starting the program.

‘Clearance Height’ is the only option specified in the .cps for the ‘Safe Retracts’ option. Doesn’t this mean this warning will always show?

Is this the most current processor for Fusion?
What’d be the best way to ignore this error?
Do I need to make my own edited .cps without that warning? I’d rather use the provided example if there are updates to it in the future.


Where are you seeing this? In the actual post processed file or also as a warning in Fusion?

This is shown as a warning in Fusion. But, is generated by the Easel post processing script I find in fusion 360. When I edit that provided post process script, I see both the drop-down option that sets the value in question and the error message generated.

In the Easel post processing script, this dropdown is available but has only the one value option.

  safePositionMethod: {
    title      : "Safe Retracts",
    description: "Select your desired retract option. 'Clearance Height' retracts to the operation clearance height.",
    group      : "homePositions",
    type       : "enum",
    values     : [
      {title:"Clearance Height", id:"clearanceHeight"}
    value: "clearanceHeight",
    scope: "post"

Also from the same script is the error message being given:

if (getProperty("safePositionMethod") == "clearanceHeight") {
    var msg = "-Attention- Property 'Safe Retracts' is set to 'Clearance Height'." + EOL +
      "Ensure the clearance height will clear the part and or fixtures." + EOL +
      "Raise the Z-axis to a safe height before starting the program.";

As there’s only the one value on the custom drop-down, this warning is always given.

Just comment out this line.


Also, you don’t HAVE to use Easel. Use gSender (or other) and open up all the Grbl possibilities.

Yeah TY I know I can comment that out. I was more trying to figure out who made that script in the first place so that warning can be handled better.

And yeah, I really aught to look at other cam driving software, TY!

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