Easel Project Out of Date Error

Hello. I have been having this problem for almost a week now,and even though I have contacted support,it does not appear they have the answer for me. I have been carving with my Longmill for over a year now,and I have been using Easel Pro since almost Day one. I cannot understand why this is happening now,nothing has changed except that I changed internet provider about 3 months ago,maybe 4, and this only started last Friday,June 21st / 24.

Hey Chuck!

I’m sorry you encountered this issue! We became aware of the issue recently and our team has been working on a fix. In the meantime, the behavior you’re experiencing can be avoided by not “starring” any projects. We’ve found that that appears to be what causes the saving conflict.


I’ll follow up with you when we have confirmed the issue is resolved. We expect that to be very soon. If you continue experiencing this behavior even when you don’t “star” any projects, please reach out to our Customer Success team or reply back to me here.


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Hey Chuck, just following up again to let you know that this is now fixed!