Easel Project Working Hand Cuffs

I found this awesome project I want to cut out @JoeSimone made these hand cuffs.

Search: “handcuffs” on my site Search Xcarve Projects



I would totally make those out of aluminum or brass if someone posted the files. I don’t have Easel - just V-Carve.

In the dumpster behind the “club?”


everyone has Easel. Sign in with your Forum information

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ok, seen the download and checked it out…so where’s the key? lol

Son… I been many years with the xcarve and have never once logged on to Easle. Shhh. Don’t tell Zach. Let someone else post the files.


That’s unlucky haha:/

Might have to make some wooden ones for my 6 year old. That way he’ll stop asking to use my real ones lol

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Sounds like a good idea! haha

And a wooden key because he already lost my good key that clips on the ring on my belt lol

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