Easel Question and Issue

Having started out using VCarve and having some issues, I decided I would get to know Easel. For the most part, it’s been pretty simple to understand. A question and issue I have are:

Question: After finishing a carve, my spindle goes back to the Work home setting (X-0, Y-0). The software then asks me if the carve went good or bad. If I say it went good, it takes me to my work screen. I would like to then be able to jog my machine out of the way so I can remove what I just carved but I can’t figure out how to do this without going through the machine set up or the carve set up again until I get to where it allows me to use those arrow buttons. Is there a simple way to just get to the left/right/up/down arrows for the X,Y and Z axis so I can move everything out of the way?

Issue: Every time I open Easel in Firefox, I get asked to install Easel Local. I install it and then it just keeps telling me to install it. I know this has been discussed on here before and the fix was to white list inventables in AdBlock? The problem is, I don’t have AdBlock on my laptop where this is happening. I can’t really carve anything if I can’t get that far in the program using Firefox. I end up having to use Chrome. Not that it’s that big a deal but something isn’t right. I should be able to use my choice of browser. Anyone have a real fix for this issue?

Thank you in advance for any help or information you can provide.

move spindle clear
home the machine, set it where you want it to be. Press “ctrl-shift-d” in easel it will open “machine inspector” type G30.1
now any time you want to go there ctrl-shift-d then G30 and it will move to the programmed spot. you can also use G28.1 to set a second spot, then G28 to go there (usually a starting point)
Make sure you Z is clear when you set G28.1 / G30.1

just hit carve again once it goes back home, then you can jog it.
ive been having issues with firefox, like a lot of others. chrome has been said to be the best for easel.

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Thank you. That should work

hello i’m sorry i’m new,i have a 3040t china cnc ,can easel run whit it and how can i do? thanks

As long as your machine is GRBL based Easel is compatible.