Easel Simulating Toolpaths - long time and loosing connection

There’s been a few people reporting this problem over the past weeks.

Has anyone had any luck resolving it?

When I try to simulate something simple everything works fine, but when it’s something bigger the pathway simulation takes hours and often times out. It seems worse when using V-bit.

Also has anyone got any work arounds and/or tips on how to simplify files, i have tried combining elements, any other ideas?


You’ll need more memory, a faster computer, and more money. :wink:

Most often it comes down to how many nodes your design has in it. There are instructions in these forums for how to optimize a design. If in Easel, you may get away with editing all points and delete some, or go external with Inkscape to clean it up that way. You’ll find them with a quick search in the forums. Good luck!

Hi AA1 :slight_smile:

Could you share the URL to your project?

We are actively working on making tool path generation faster.

hi. thanks for replying.
i am using easel on a mac with chrome.
is the processing power on my mac likely to be effecting this?
i have read a few accounts of people having what looks like this issue in the last few weeks.
their computer or design hasn’t come up as an issue.
if i need to upgrade i will but i don’t want to do that if the issue is somewhere else.

Share your project with @JeffTalbot and his team @AA1

Depending on when “in the last few weeks” you saw those reports, it could have been due to this issue that we resolved:


Your computer hardware will always play a role in the performance of tool path generation, but we are working on making it as fast as possible for the average computer.

Please share the URL when you have a chance :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. Sorry for not replying sooner. I have sent the file to Jeff so will see how that goes.


Having similar issues with simulating tool paths taking excess time. Currently going on 3 hours. Plenty of storage on computer, excellent internet connection.

Took a total of 4 hours to simulate the initial tool path, than another 4 hours when I started the actual carve, to re-simulate the tool path.

Project took 4 hours on rough cut and 21 hours on finish cut.

I’m with @StephenCampbell here; I have decent computer; 2015 i7 with 16GB of RAM, and it’s upwards of 30 minutes now of “Simulating Toolpaths” for this image I’m trying to carve-- and this is just the test carve!

It’s supposed to carve at 0.125 inches deep, with the 1/32 inch fishtail bit, in a piece of MDF that’s half an inch thick, 24 X 24 inches. Granted, the image i’m trying to carve is slightly complex (see URL below), but is this something that Inventables’s severs could speed-up? Adding @JeffTalbot here.

Here’s the URL: https://easel.inventables.com/projects/Dnm_dgAMgiEY4eBGDLB0cw

I know it’s ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a funny present i’m making for my sister, lol.

EDIT About 3-hours later, it finished the simulation. It will take 42 hours to do a carve!! Please tell me that I can change the Feed/Plunge/Depth rate to something a little more reasonable (24 maybe?) to simply carve a human face onto a piece of wood (not even that deep).

SECOND EDIT I started a similar project to this and now it’s a more “reasonable” 5-hours, 57min to carve. Here is the URL for that one, however can I still modify the Feed/Plunge/Depth Rate to get this URL to simulate/carve faster than basically 6-hours? I changed the bit from 1/32 to 1/16 and that drastically sped up the time, but now I’m losing detail…


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Hadn’t got anything back from Inventables since 11/19, but can say as of 03/20 problem still exists.
Plenty of memory, processor speed, internet and multiple computers. Appears that the simulations has gotten much longer rather than better.
Really my only complaint about X-Carve.

I have that problem also… I did change my web browser to firefox, and that helped the timeout where you get the awe snap from google, I so far haven’t gotten that from firefox. But yeah it takes forever. And I use inkscape to setup the svg file, and it looks great, and tweak it on here, but then once I hit carve I might as well hit snooze for 4 hours as so far as of yet I haven’t got easel to carve it yet(only let it set about an hour and a half trying tonight for an all nighter with easel hoping it picks up). Not sure if it’s the computer but I have cleared about as much ram up on my computer as possible for the project hoping that also helps… Tried the tips I got from talking with a person over the phone from Easel, but they haven’t seemed to help a lick so won’t bother you with them.

Since 11/19 have heard no feedback from inventables to discuss/resolve excessive delays in software, but have read multiple topics on forum which relates and all seem to run into same issues. While in design mode the toolpaths typically generate in a matter of minutes while on the execution side of the program takes hours, currently going on 23 hours simulating toolpath at execution point. Attempted to contact Inventables and had to leave a message. Tried Chrome, Edge, Firefox and even attempted IE - all with same issues. Multiple tries with different computers, different RAM. Even tried copying and creating new file, same results - Easel locks up when executing finish pass simulating toolpaths. Very frustrating…

Does it do it with every project or just a particular one? If just one then there is a problem with that file. If it does it with all your projects then it’s a problem with Easel.

Or you’re just using some ancient super-slow computer. :wink:

The best way I have found to fix this issue other than speaking with inventables is to try changing your roughing tool (biggest tool) to a smaller tool, but is also bigger than your finishing tool (smallest tool).
This allows your finishing tool to simulate less work than before, and thus shortens you tool path computing & simulation time.

Tip : Use offset toolpath located in “cut settings” for all v-bits, never use x or y axis, it will also shorten your simulation time.

ProTip : Make sure you have an even amout of depth per pass associated with your total carve depth you may be cutting at an unnecessary depth.

Hope this helps someone, Happy Carving :blush:!

Some of the timeout issues can be solved by moving to Firefox as well, as you can adjust the network timeout parameters (which you can’t do with Chrome).