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Easel Simulating Toolpaths - long time and loosing connection

There’s been a few people reporting this problem over the past weeks.

Has anyone had any luck resolving it?

When I try to simulate something simple everything works fine, but when it’s something bigger the pathway simulation takes hours and often times out. It seems worse when using V-bit.

Also has anyone got any work arounds and/or tips on how to simplify files, i have tried combining elements, any other ideas?


You’ll need more memory, a faster computer, and more money. :wink:

Most often it comes down to how many nodes your design has in it. There are instructions in these forums for how to optimize a design. If in Easel, you may get away with editing all points and delete some, or go external with Inkscape to clean it up that way. You’ll find them with a quick search in the forums. Good luck!

Hi AA1 :slight_smile:

Could you share the URL to your project?

We are actively working on making tool path generation faster.

hi. thanks for replying.
i am using easel on a mac with chrome.
is the processing power on my mac likely to be effecting this?
i have read a few accounts of people having what looks like this issue in the last few weeks.
their computer or design hasn’t come up as an issue.
if i need to upgrade i will but i don’t want to do that if the issue is somewhere else.

Share your project with @JeffTalbot and his team @AA1

Depending on when “in the last few weeks” you saw those reports, it could have been due to this issue that we resolved:

Your computer hardware will always play a role in the performance of tool path generation, but we are working on making it as fast as possible for the average computer.

Please share the URL when you have a chance :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. Sorry for not replying sooner. I have sent the file to Jeff so will see how that goes.


Having similar issues with simulating tool paths taking excess time. Currently going on 3 hours. Plenty of storage on computer, excellent internet connection.

Took a total of 4 hours to simulate the initial tool path, than another 4 hours when I started the actual carve, to re-simulate the tool path.

Project took 4 hours on rough cut and 21 hours on finish cut.

I’m with @StephenCampbell here; I have decent computer; 2015 i7 with 16GB of RAM, and it’s upwards of 30 minutes now of “Simulating Toolpaths” for this image I’m trying to carve-- and this is just the test carve!

It’s supposed to carve at 0.125 inches deep, with the 1/32 inch fishtail bit, in a piece of MDF that’s half an inch thick, 24 X 24 inches. Granted, the image i’m trying to carve is slightly complex (see URL below), but is this something that Inventables’s severs could speed-up? Adding @JeffTalbot here.

Here’s the URL:

I know it’s ridiculous :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a funny present i’m making for my sister, lol.

EDIT About 3-hours later, it finished the simulation. It will take 42 hours to do a carve!! Please tell me that I can change the Feed/Plunge/Depth rate to something a little more reasonable (24 maybe?) to simply carve a human face onto a piece of wood (not even that deep).

SECOND EDIT I started a similar project to this and now it’s a more “reasonable” 5-hours, 57min to carve. Here is the URL for that one, however can I still modify the Feed/Plunge/Depth Rate to get this URL to simulate/carve faster than basically 6-hours? I changed the bit from 1/32 to 1/16 and that drastically sped up the time, but now I’m losing detail…

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Hadn’t got anything back from Inventables since 11/19, but can say as of 03/20 problem still exists.
Plenty of memory, processor speed, internet and multiple computers. Appears that the simulations has gotten much longer rather than better.
Really my only complaint about X-Carve.

I have that problem also… I did change my web browser to firefox, and that helped the timeout where you get the awe snap from google, I so far haven’t gotten that from firefox. But yeah it takes forever. And I use inkscape to setup the svg file, and it looks great, and tweak it on here, but then once I hit carve I might as well hit snooze for 4 hours as so far as of yet I haven’t got easel to carve it yet(only let it set about an hour and a half trying tonight for an all nighter with easel hoping it picks up). Not sure if it’s the computer but I have cleared about as much ram up on my computer as possible for the project hoping that also helps… Tried the tips I got from talking with a person over the phone from Easel, but they haven’t seemed to help a lick so won’t bother you with them.