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Easel Skipping gcode blocks

See photo. I’m generating gcode from Aspire, post processor ‘X-Carve Pro 4x4 - Easel’ Easel-Grbl (inches)(*.gcode).

In Easel, I import g-code. Follow the screens and start the finishing cut. Cutting runs for a number of minutes, no problem. Then it started what appears to be another part of the project gcode, ie. skipped a chunk of gcode, see picture. My project is ruined and I’ve lots a $180 piece of wood to Easel. Not in the least bit happy with Easel. I’m all ears if someone can show me what I did wrong. I’ve had many many mistakes and learned to hide, correct, etc. But this one has me FINISHED with Easel. (Unless someone can show me my error)

Easel support is welcome to check my last project file in Easel “025EM Increase Pocket phone” in my account. I even ran the preview and it displayed the whole file with no gaps.!

If anyone can tell me how to generate gcode files from Aspire that include spindle start and spindle speeds, please enlighten me. I’m going back to UGS, but with the X-Carve 4x4 I need the spindle commands in the gcode file.

Thank you

What are your grbl settings?

Personally since your already out of easel, making your gcode in Aspire, I would stick with a seperate gcode sender, there are too many limitations of easel… it doesn’t accept arcs, not to mention the issue your having with the spindle.

I want to be done with easel. However I need to know how to start the spindle and set the spindle codes in g code or the post processor that will do it for me

See if this helps:

CNC M Codes (

@MartinW.Mcclary that does help - Thank you

M03 – Spindle on in a clockwise direction.
M04 – Spindle on in a counterclockwise direction.
M05 Spindle off

G97 S2000 M03; spindle speed setting of 2000rpm

No G97.
Grbl doesn’t support it.
Just M3 S2000

Can you share your gcode here?
Where’d you get the post processor? Got a link?

Here are the GRBL supported Gcodes.

Grbl - Wiki

@NeilFerreri1 I got the inventables post processor for Inventables 4x4 - Easel

@MartinW.Mcclary Thank you for that link! Just what I needed.

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@NeilFerreri1 Here’s the gcode file.

025BN_Cross_Finish-02.gcode (3.5 MB)

For what it is worth, I got an error code on the Tool Number that was in my own program a couple of days ago. It was in the first couple lines of code. Since I don’t have a tool changer, I just deleted it and didn’t get the code again when I re-ran it.

@GregBuckwalter Looks like you’re running a finish toolpath without ever having run the roughing path.
There are places you are taking a full depth cut at over 1.5". That’s a bit much. Does your endmill have flutes that long?
I don’t think running that gcode with any sender will work without clearing some material first.

Also, your gcode has the appropriate spindle start command.

@NeilFerreri1 The roughing cut is a separate file. Thanks for the review.

I’ve recently learned that that line is setting the speed and turning it on. However it moves to the first cut before turning the spindle on I’m going to edit the file and move that lined up so that the bit start spinning right away before it moves.

Easel simply jumped a block of G-Code. I’m done with Easel. That is not acceptable.

Where did you get that post processor from? I can’t seem to find it on the incentablrs site. Or Google… :man_shrugging:
Maybe you can attach the post processor file ??

That’s good.

There is no movement before the spindle start. Is Easel doing that?
Start of your gcode (I added comments):
T1 (Identify Tool - Doesn’t do anything really)
G17 (Set arc plane - pointless for Easel post processor, but doesn’t hurt anything)
G20 (Set unit mode to Inches)
G90 (Set motion mode to absolute - default)
S18000M3 (Turn on Spindle - RPM = 18000)
G0Z0.2500 (FIRST move command - rapid Z to 1/4" above work zero)
G0X0.0000Y0.0000 (First XY move - Rapid to work zero)

@NeilFerreri1 Yes, The router moves before turning on the spindle. [Correction: When you kill the project]. I thought in UGS it moved before turning on the router. I need to rerun the files again I’ve got my self confused now. Not hard to do sometimes.

I’ll run those lines tomorrow and let you know

The lines of gcode I posted above are directly from your file.
Any movement before the spindle command must be an Easel addition. Someone that uses Easel as a sender would have to chime in.

@NeilFerreri1 No, I turn the spindle on in the screens in Easel before the project starts. I miss spoke earlier, sorry.

G0Z0.2500 - Thanks for pointing that out. I need to change that to something higher. I’m working with uneven wood and it isn’t high enough.

When you stop a project in Easel it stops the spindle and returns to zero. And I lost a $70 bit as it broke when it hit a higher point of the wood during the return. Probably could have heard me yelling as I went for the kill switch too late.

I’m all done with Easel - I’m back to UPG [Correction: UGS] and staying there!

Where did you obtain that post processor from?

IF you’re using UGS to send with I would use a different post processor, not one labeled Easel…


"To use your Vectric software with Easel, download the post-processor from Easel by going to Import > Gcode > Vectric V-Carve, Aspire, Cut2D. Click the link to download the “vectric-easel.pp” file. Once downloaded, you will need to install the post-processor into your Vectric program. "

Yes, I’m going to change post processors and start with the generic processor.