Easel software download available?

I have no wifi connection at home but I do have access to an X-carve at another facility.

I would love to be able to design my projects at home. I tried downloading an easel program on my computer but nothing happens, there is a download but not sure what it is: easel driver 0.3.20.

So, is there an easel design program I can download and use at home without wifi? Then bring to the facility where the X-carve is located for carving? Thank you.

No. But there is a solution. Design in Easel, then go to machine settings, bottom right click on advanced then click on generate gcode then download, put on a usb thumb drive or do what I do. I email the file from one of my email accounts to another email account. Then use a gcode sender like UGS (free) or Picsender (not free but a very good value) to send to your x-carve or any other cnc that is grbl based.

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You mention design in easel which is what I want to do. But I am home and no wifi internet connection. Without access to Easel I simply can not do my design work.

When it comes to gcode or UGS or picsender or . . . . I simply do not have a clue… Which is why I want to use a downloadable version of easel. Then when I gain access to the machine which does has internet connection I can enjoy making my carving projects.

Thank you for your reply.

Easel requires internet to open and save your work. How about designing in Inkscape and save it as an SVG and open it in Easel when you get to the facility?
Just a suggestion

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If you have no internet and need to design and generate the code, I would recommend a stand alone program that you can install. Easel is not that type of program, it can not be a local install and run without internet.

you can check out other stand alone programs like
Carbide Create - you can design (CAD) and use a sender like UGS
Vectric V-Carve and use a sender like UGS,
etc etc,

here is a link for some good information to get you started.

also a direct link to the software list