Easel Spindle (to Dewalt 611) control not working [Resolved]

I’ve had my xcarve with the Dewalt 611 for a week now and have had no problems at all, even with initial

test cuts in cherry. After reading threads about external relays for the Dewalt I purchased this device from Amazon. Here’s my problem - I think it’s wired correctly because I can use the controller toggle switch to turn the Dewalt on and off but if I use the Easel machine setup and tell it that I want automatic spindle control the on/off test doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong?

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you may want to swap 24V relay input positive to negative and try.

Nope. Now even the manual on off switch doesn’t work.

And you sure the relay is DC to AC correct.

Yep. The relay was fine. Turns out I didn’t have PWM wired, which I thought I didn’t need. Now that I have that done all is well.

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Happy carving.

I bought that same thing, and will be hooking it up soon. Can you explain your wiring now, that made it work?

Trying to hook mine up now too, any luck finding wiring? Also do you know if it will do variable speeds/rpms or does the variability have to be set manually?

Can you share what font you used on your sign? I love it.

I’ve ordered one for my 611 as well. Definitely interested in seeing any wiring tips you can offer!

Here is the basic wiring for Dewalt.
Yes you have to adjust your speed on router’s dial. Remember, slowest speed is faster than stock spindle.
Program starts Dewalt automatically and stops. Make sure your machine setting is for Auto Spindle.
Hope this helps.

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Sure. The two “Arduino” wires on the relay connect to the S- and S+ connections on the control box. + to + and - to -. Then make sure you have your PWC wiring done (which I forgot). That’s it. When you run you machine setup in Easel tell it you want Automatic for spindle control and the next screen should let you toggle power on and off. Keep in mind this is just on/off control, this is not controlling the Dewalt speed.

I installed it in Adobe Illustrator first to create the layout, then exported it as an SVG file so it could be imported into Easel.

Note: You will need to run Object=>Expand on the lettering before you save it, or else Easel can’t read it in.

Good Luck and let me know if you need any other help.

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Thanks for the quick reply… Had purchased an alternative relay (20$) and figured I would post my setup… http://amzn.com/B00WV7GMA2

Has two normally off outlets and two outlets that come on when the automatic spindle is triggered (plan to set up the second to a vacuum system that will be automated when the spindle is on). Was simple to hook up the
Makita RT0701C 1-1/4 HP Compact Router by connecting the black and yellow wire that comes off the g-shield into the relay instead plugging into power control unit (not sure if this relay unit could handle the 24v directly from the power supply as AlanDavis has shown above)

Ordered via AmazonPrime with free 2day shipping and had everything delivered by 2pm today and wired and running in about 2minutes… Not bad of an upgrade for 140$
Going to try my hand at 3D printing a mount for the Makita, but as you can see this spindle is quite a bit heftier than the inventables route.

The mount that came with the Makita was easily adapted to fit on the side of the stock once tables mount with the addition of one hole (not necessary unless you want additional clearance)… Still plan to 3D print a custom mount but for now it was a 5 min quick fix…

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hello guys
I need help please guys

I bought x-carve with (X-Carve DeWalt 611 Spindle and Mount )
my problem is that electricity here is 240 volt.
How can i connect to other I dont know converter or something

Hey, Are you trying to control the spindle on/off with the controler? Personly i just have my DeWalt 611 plugged in to the mains and i switch it on myself after confirming the home position.

If you want to have a relay switching the power to the D611 on and off, us no US people have to find another solution.

thnak you guys
do you think this will be ok if i connect it directly to the x-carve