Easel stops before carve is complete

I am getting to know our new machine, but Easel doesn’t seem to be playing nice. It will do ok with short jobs under 10 minutes. But with a longer running project it stops stating that is complete, when the carve isn’t done. I am guessing that it’s due to the school network is attached to being spotty. Is there a way to run easel off line? I’m looking into UGS and fusion 360 or V-carve as an alternative.

I would also make sure that the computer is not entering sleep mode or suspend mode after 10 min, that also is a common problem.

Thank you, I’ll check that and see what I can do to shield the usb cable and add a powered usb hub. This is in a room full of lathes saws and drill presses, a high school robotics program.

Have you figured out the problem or is your x-carve still suffering the blues?

we could go through some things to check together

I hooked my laptop to it today, running ugs with a fusion 360 file and it cut these out great.

oh sweet yeah it could of been something with the internet

of course

easel doesn’t use the internet to send gcode so hmmm lol

Not sure, I’m going to try again with easel from my laptop, which has the newer standard usb port. Also adding a powered usb hub and an isolated cable, just in case it is noise interference.

how many other programs do you have on this computer and do you use any of them while the machine is running?

these cnc machines would like to see a dedicated computer all to there own

I switched my stock USB cable to one with a braided shield and ferrite beads and haven’t had a disconnect yet.

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Were you having issues disconnecting before the cable switch? My concern is that this is in a room full of saws, drill presses, a lathes and many other power tools. I’m hoping that the electrical noise doesn’t cause any issues.

Yes, I had a few disconnects when turning on the table saw about 10 feet away (but on the same circuit) and even once just turning on a box fan near the USB cable.

I switched to this cable and haven’t had any issues at all: http://amzn.to/2iJnrN0

Premium double-shielded cables with tinned copper braid and aluminum mylar foil and Ferrite chokes, feature twisted 28AWG data lines, and 24AWG power lines.

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That is the same cable that I just ordered, along with a powered usb hub.

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