Easel stops cutting at the exact same spot every time I run a program

I designed a project in VCarvo Pro, and am cutting it using Easel. The project is two identical lids being cut out of one board. It first clears the inside of the lid, then cuts them out with a profile cut.

The clear of the first lid is perfect, then halfway through the clear cut on the second lid, the machine just stops moving. The software knows exactly where it is, and does not think the project is finished–it just stops moving. I have restarted the program multiple times, even setting it up again from scratch, and it stops in exactly the same place every time.

I have changed the program in VCarve to a conventional cut instead of a climb cut, set up a new program and had it run using the previous origin, and it stops in exactly the same place. I changed it to cut as a raster instead of offset, and it doesn’t move from the origin when I start the program.

I can’t figure out what is happening or how to correct it. I would appreciate any thoughts.

if you have V-carve then try this? you won’t be sorry.

OpenBuilds Software: OpenBuilds CONTROL and OpenBuilds CAM

Thanks, I do like it. I had the same problem, but Control gave me an error message so that I could figure out it was a soft limit warning. Super easy to use.

what model cnc are you using?

any chance that the Z axis is hitting the lower limit switch?
that’s a pretty common issue with the newer lines of smaller cnc’s with dual limit switches and a short Z range.

I had a similar problem with my machine. And it turned out that I had to check the calibration On the Xand Y axis. Most programs have a widget to help you do that, or there’s many YouTube tutorials to do it all school. I hope this helps.

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