Easel taking forever to show detailed view

Can anyone tell me why Easel takes forever to do the detailed view? When I make a slight change and go to detail preview it churns for awhile, other times it’s ok.

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The detail view and toolpath calculations occur on the users PC, locally. so if your PC doesn’t have adequate resources available and/or the project is setup in such a way that there’s a LOT of computation needed, this can cause elongated times for the detail view as well as the toolpath generation.

One common thing that causes this is using a Vbit only. or a Vbit along with a rather large endmill, and with either one of these situations the carve area is often set to generate flat bottom pockets. With these situations combined the Vbit will have to do a TON of stepovers to make the flat bottom part which your computer will have to recalculate and this can take time… One method to expedite the calculation as well as the carve in this situation is to use a smaller endmill combined with the vibt And/OR go to Machine>General Settings and set the Vbit stepover to a larger value than the default 1%

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