Easel tells me I need the drivers

Hi guys I’m having trouble with my Arduino Uno and Arduino Uno → CNC Shield V3.0. These were working with Easel and I did not use for about 3 weeks, when I went to use it Easel told me I needed the drivers so I’ve downloaded them and still having same problems.
Has there been a problem like this with Easel or does anyone have any ideas on what maybe the problem.

I have also tried to set up my machine but when I go 3rd party it tells me I need the drivers.

I would reccomend using an external sender (Openbuilds or UGS) anyway, but if your set on sending directly through easel, you’ll want to download the drivers provided and then reboot the PC. then the drivers will show up in Machine Inspector (see Photo) if your not seeing the correct driver version here then easel won’t have access to your usb ports to connect to the CNC.
. . . I have a Adriono / Shield controller too btw