Easel tool path

Hi everyone!

I’m new here and new with x-carve, easel and Fusion 360. Trying out everything and try to learn.

To my question, how can i connect the lines in a drawing to one object? Easel cuts every line as a single line and then go to the next and so on. If it would go all the way around would be more afficent. Do not missunderstand me, the lines are connectet with a point in Fusion but in Easel the object is made of many single lines.

Someone who can help me? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand your question, could you elaborate?
Maybe some pictures would help. As far as I understand:
You modeled something in Fusion 360 and generated the toolpaths there? And then you tried to use Easel as your gcode sender and you’re not happy with the toolpaths, did I get that correct?

Btw: I am sure I’ve seen a complete tutorial Fusion 360 to Easel here in the forum, but can’t find it right now. Maybe you’re more lucky and find it.

Yes, i draw something in Fusion 360, convert it to a .dxf file and import to Easel. This is how Easel cut the drawing, line by line, not all the way around in one path. Note, i am real new to this :slight_smile:

No need to convert to DXF, you can export gcode directly from F360 and have control of tool path.
Learning CAM (Manufacture) in F360 will help you in the long run.


Backing this, this is what I am doing all the time. Have a look at the Fusion documentation, too. It’s really good in my opinion with hints for toolpath purposes, explanations about the parameters etc.
But you need the easel post processor linked by @HaldorLonningdal

In short you have to to (please care, just recalling from memory, hope I don’t miss anything):

  • install easel postprocessor to fusion
  • model you object
  • go to manufacture space, create a new setup
  • create your holder and your tool
  • create your toolpaths
  • (simulate)
  • post process your toolpaths to a gcode file
  • setup your machine + stock to match the setup made in fusion
  • send gcode with a gcode sender (Easel, Chillipeppr, cncjs, ugs, anything)

Cant find this functions in the free Fusion 360 education license witch I use do I need to buy the full programm?

F360 is free for all non-commersial use and start-ups generating less than 100$k/year.
Full program, need to be renewed 1/year, no issues.

Fusion360 CAM (named Manufacture) enviroment have a steep learning curve but I advice you to learn using it, youtube is a great resource.

No you don’t Fusion is free for hobbyists and small businesses.
Maybe have a look here.

Thank you all!