Easel trying to carve in blue areas off of work area

I saw a couple of tutorials where they show using the blue area as a holding area for projects that have multiple carves. Where you carve one part out and then swap another part in from the blue area.

In my situation, if I have anything in the blue area and hit simulate, it shows tool paths for the work surface as well as anything in the blue area. Thinking it may be a bug, I attempted a carve and the x carve proceeded to move into these areas. I was ready for it and was able to stop it before it got that far. I’ve calibrated my machine in telling it my rail size and working area. Not sure if this is a setting I have to enable in easel or not. Let me know what you guys think.

anything in the blue areas that you don’t want carved needs to be set at a zero depth… otherwise Easel thinks it needs to be carved…

if you zero out anything on the main work area, it also “blanks” out the carving and you cannot see it… (its still there however…)

try it and let me know if it works…

Perhaps that was the step that I missed. Though it would be a nice feature to have a click button option to not carve anything in the blue area. I am sure what you have suggested will work just fine. Thank you!