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Easel update 14.09.16


After the last easel update the buttons for pausing and cancelling the carving are away after starting the process. So I cant stop or pause the carving.

There is only a long bar over the normal Buttons, without function.

For the Background, I havent got WiFi in my shop, so I load easel and the Job I want to carve in the House, go out with my Laptop and Start the Maschine.

In the past it works really great, but so I cant work with a stable and safety process.

Could you please Check this and Put it in order?


Hey @ChristophStieler I was able to replicate your issue, and we’ll get to work on it right away! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Hi @ChristophStieler,

This should be working now. You’ll have to reload any open Easel tabs before starting your next carve. Sorry for the trouble!

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Are all the changes documented some place?

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Hi @rodovich @EricDobroveanu thanks for the fast Feedback.

I’ll Check it today in the evening.

i am also curious is there is a change log for the different updates. are there new apps or new materials available? different settings? i love that there are updates, but i am not familiar enough with the software to know if something has changed or not.

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Phil’s link says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” for me, I hope i am not beta testing anything, part of my desire to see a change log.

This is an issue again. I cannot see the pause or stop buttons.