Easel Update 8-19-16

OK all yesterday i went to use my xcarve and it would not connect to easel… i then went to the machine setup and it prompted me to perform and update… i went thru and did this update and it all seemed to load fine… so today i try and carve… well it all starts off good… then it goes to hell…

First i have noticed with the update it changed all the bits in the bit selection area… ok thats cool

2nd i change the material type

3rd go carve and the machine is flying all over the place moving so fast so i stopped the carve and checked rates they were out of this world change material type then check speed rate no change all speeds were super fast

so i slowed them down to what they were before update and it seemed to works

so recut wood and start over … well gets to about 20% and out of nowhere it moved the whole carving up and to the right

i stop machine and it returns to the home but it does not… it goes about 5 1/4" higher up the y axis then the set home in the beginning

Please help is there a way to revert back to the past driver? this new one is not working at ALL!!!

this was the update I was prompted to install


open easel click help click downloads

I just loaded up a new project and I hit calculate and knew when it said 10 minute job something was wrong checked feeds and speeds and 162in/min at .07 depth per pass on MDF on a 2 flute straight. I knew this wouldnt work because I have been breaking the inventables 2 flute straights at he previous recommended of 40in/min on MDF and have been slowing it to 30. Whats with the new settings?

Just heard back from Inventables they are now aware of speed issue and are working on it and will reply to me once issue has been resolved