Easel Will Not Execute My Jobs

I can not sucessfully home my machine without causing damage. Now When i tell it to mill it just stays at 0% progress does anyone know a way around this?


can you post a easel job here?
why you can’t home? what exactly?
0% progress, but router dose what?

Please read my post.

After I home my machine I start my job; once I start the job after homing it refuses to start the job now I’m not sure if it’s due to the java update or not. At this point I doubt this machine will ever work

Does the spindle turn on? Is there any blinking lights on the arduino? Try installing arduino again to refresh drivers and then give it a run again. Let me know if that helps

[quote=“CrisA_Intagliata_hoo, post:1, topic:11118”]
I can not sucessfully home my machine without causing damage.
[/quote] I did read your post

All the lights are blinking and solid as they should be. After I home my machine I send a job to execute but nothing happens at all. Was there a change in GRBL that I am not aware of?

Grbl follows a standard for commands. Try downloading the gcode from easel and sending it from universal gcode sender. If that doesn’t work you will have to reflash the grbl onto the arduino

Nick at this point I’m listless I was the first group to receive my machine and it still does nothing useful. I can home the machine ad nauseum but once I send gcode for a job it does absolutely nothing

After you home the machine, when you try to run a job does the spindle start for a second and then die, causing you to have to restart both the machine and Easel?

Will the machine pretend to run if you send a job to it with the spindle switched off or to manual mode?

Have you tried homing the machine manually and then sending a job to it?

Try unplugging the limit switches from the grbl shield and see if you can run a job that way.

I’ve actually done all those steps. … if any one wants to trouble shoot via team viewer send me a direct message

Do you have UGS?

Can you send manual commands to it successfully?

Manual commands are not a problem, sending a job it states their is an alarm and it never executes the job and no I don’t have UGS running while my browser is open and vice versa

Ok, in UGS type in $X before sending a job.

$X is how I start each job