Easel with 0" depth circles

Hello, perhaps there is another way to do this, but this is the issue I’m having.

I have a medallion that i’m using a one of my 4 free days to carve on copper PCB.
I build the design and then copy it to a second version. Delete the design on the second leaving only the cut out so that I can use a 1/8 endmill to cut the medallions out.

The problem occurs when I leave the circle on the etching copy but set the depth to 0.
Trying to do a simulate never finishes. The detailed render works, but as soon as it starts to do the simulate it starts and I get a small bit of progress and then nothing (for over 30min i’ve waited).

But… If i delete the offending circle the problem goes away. And the weird thing is that I’ve got a 1/8" hole and those circles are find (hidden as well) just the larger circles.

I think this is a bug, but perhaps someone here can enlighten me to my error.