Easel without internet?

I don’t have internet in the workshop. Have avoided it at all cost. Is there a free/inexpensive solution for easel without internet?

Have Easel write your G code to a USB device. Take the USB device to your shop. Use Universal G Code Sender to send the file to your X-carve.

About as free/inexpensive as it gets.

Is your garage attached?

Yes, by a mudroom.

Powerline Ethernet is pretty inexpensive now and it work very well

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This is exactly what I was going to suggest. I have a friend who has one of these and says they work pretty well.

The other option is to move up to a full CNC control software such as LinuxCNC which is free. There are some hardware changes needed but the cost of those can be controlled.
You can also move up to Fusion360 3D CAD that is free to hobbyists and use the built in CAM program. Then you just transfer you Gcode via thumb drive to the machine and cut away,

Hope this helps


If you are using a laptop Andrew you can load Easel and your project while on the Internet, then without switching off take it out to your shop, plug in the X-Carve and away you go.

I did this for months before simply extending the range of our house WiFi with a £20 WiFi extender.



Doesn’t this mean there is internet if Easel can run? I mean, it’s an online web-based app. So, how would one do this offline - and run revisions without going through to the library for example, and then back to the garage to run the job?

I have the exact same problem.
My shop does not have internet access and I do not want to be tied to the Easel via the internet.
I use Vcarve for all my design, programming and UGCS to run the controller.
I just walk out to my shop with laptop in hand everything is good.

For design work in Easel you have to have an internet connection.

However, once you have completed the design then you can export the G-code to a file.

You can then take that file (either take the computer with you, or put it on a flash drive, etc.) to the shop to do the carve.

There are several programs available that will send that G-code file to the X-carve/Carvey.

That’s why I don’t use Easel.