Easel won’t save work

Anyone else having this problem? It’s driving me insane. A couple different projects of my own and a couple orders. Get it all completed and edited to carve later…go back to open and it didn’t save a single thing I did. One thing I’ve had it happen to 3 times this week. Easel is great when it works, but frustrating when it doesn’t.

Yes! We have had that problem although not in a couple of weeks, normally for us it saved some part of the project though just not the completed project.

We design in the office and carve in the shop , so much like you, we normally don’t carve right away.

I’ll do a little design work while on lunch at my day job, then some in between playing with my son in the evenings or on weekends. Rarely do I get to carve immediately after working on a design. Frustrating as can be, so much lost time. That’s the one thing i know I hate about a web based software, it would be amazing if Easel was a downloadable program so I could at least save on a hard drive.

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Hi Brian,

Do you see the “All changes saved” message after making your changes before closing or walking away from Easel?

Me as well, as recent as this past weekend. I complete the edits on a project and watch it finish saving, but when I close the the project tab then reopen it all work is lost. Both new projects and edits to existing projects will not save properly.

Sure did, always do. A couple of times it took a couple minutes before saying “all changes saved” but said it every single time before I closed. Finished up a quick carve earlier, then said to heck with it.

Hey Jeff,

It is the same for us we see the ‘all changes saved’ and do not get the are you sure you want to close this tab, but changes are not saved.

I reported this a couple of weeks ago and I think you said you had made a change to fix it?

Hi @DebbieLee,

Yes, we found an issue that could have been causing the behavior you reported and we fixed it. It sounds like you haven’t seen it recur since we fixed it?

The issue Brian and Zach are reporting sounds a little different in that they’re saying nothing gets saved at all. We will investigate this.

I thought I was just going crazy, I imported gcode for 2 different projects this week and when I went back into the project it was gone. I always make sure to check that “all changes saved” message appears before closing. So re uploaded the gcode and it saved the second time

Hey Jeff,

As I mentioned we have not that issue in a couple of weeks, so you must have got it!

Hi folks,

If saving is taking a long time—for example, because the project is large or the network connection is slow—multiple saves can get queued up, and it appears that Easel can erroneously report that the changes are saved even while there are more saves pending. [Update: this has been fixed.]

Additionally, when saves get queued up, it appears that in some cases the “outdated” saves are not completed until all the saves have gone through. This is because of a recent change to prevent conflicts when people inadvertently open & work on the same project in multiple tabs or windows.

I’m sorry for the frustrations this has caused!

We should have a fix for this by early next week. [Update: It’s been fixed, and the following workaround is no longer necessary.] In the meantime for those who’ve been running into this problem, before you close Easel, you could open the project in a new browser window. If the new window has an empty or outdated version of the project, wait a little bit and reload it. If it’s up to date, then it should be safe to close. (Caveat: Make sure you don’t make any changes in the second window if the saves from the first window haven’t caught up.)


Hi folks,

We’ve fixed the bug with Easel’s save status message:

If you’re working on large projects or using a slow network connection, it may take a while before you see “All changes saved”, but that will tell you when your project is safe to close.

We’re going to continue to look into improving the other queue-related behavior I mentioned, so that even if an anvil falls out of the sky and crushes your computer before the final saves go thorugh you’ll still have a relatively recent version saved to your account.

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Worked on a couple things last night with zero issues. Worked on another today for a bit but haven’t checked to see if it saved as well. Thank you again for looking in to things!!

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The problem is back I have a project sitting there “saving” but it never does and i cannot close the page for fear of loosing the work. Its been two hours now.

No problems here … it’s saving fine for us.

Possible internet issue?

I am having the same problem today. I noticed when I change the material dimensions, easel will not save and the site info. bar turns red to “not secure”. I just tried again and it seems to be saving. For the last 3 hours it has not been saving.

Yeah I lost a 20 hour multi workpiece project Today it will not load. I saved all changes 22 hrs ago before closing. Every other project loads. Also it will not vector a trace image import tonight, it just times out with (Vectorizing failed: TimeoutError: Timeout. Try re-uploading the image or refreshing your browser.). Very bummed! That project took forever and had so many designs I sell for $60 plus each and now it looks like I have to start over? I’m not sold on this cloud based software vs hard copy saves that I can save in triple when it’s my income at stake! I’m not super proficient in Easel, I had never tried the save to zip file before tonight but it seems rather pointless other than the svg itself, but does it import back in at the same dimension. It doesn’t seem to let’s say keep any log of where it was placed in workspace as the file project does where in sometimes making multi shaped multi pocked parts with corner radius ect and their placement from each other ect all being critical it doesn’t seem to really save that information in the zip. Am I missing something? No insult or anything intended. It may just be a learning experience needed on my side. I’ve cleared cache, cookies ect, tried different browsers, pc’s, restarted them ect. Every project but this most important one opens. But I can’t get any to trace an image without a timeout failure?

So SO sorry to hear that. Image trace wasn’t working for me last night, either. All this possibly related to the new Easel software upgrade, which I hasn’t done yet?

As a follow up I’m in contact with Inventables on trying to save this Project file but oddly enough the only device I’ve been able to get it to open on is safari on my Iphone But I can’t use the program on the Iphone :flushed: I have an old 2008 macbook laying around so I’ll have to pull it out tomorrow and see if it opens in Safari on it and narrow down if this is a windows based browser issue. Iv’e tried opera, Chrome, IE Explorer, Edge, ect IDK all on windows 10 though. So I may try updating All software Java, Flash, Windows updates ect as well. I’m hoping if it opens once on the Macbook and re-saves it may open again in windows. Anyone else ever have this issue or any suggestions are welcome. I’ve put in a request that Easel allow for the saving of a project and it’s workpieces offline so if any software glitch on their end were to happen you could literally just reload the file and the design would be the same and retain all locations, depths, sizes material, ect were as it appears to me to save to zip file only gives you a note of the stock size, bit, an svg of the workpiece but all the relative dimension in space to the origin and other components seems to be lost. IMO all very important and a very justified request at the Pro pricing Point. Maybe it does this and I’ve just overlooked it. I love it for what it is. It’s very easy to learn but having started learning Fusion 360 which is alot to learn I become frustrated quickly with Easel in trying to place parts relative to datum points. I mean it’s just math but a lot of unneeded effort calculating in center lines of objects or the radius to place one object relative to another where in with a measuring tool I could just click a line and say i want this edge or center line to be X distance from this Datum. Maybe it’s time to beef up the Fusion training. Still love the x-carve for the price point and have had nothing but a good experience so far in dealing with the company. Rant over!

I’ve cancelled my subscription. I have seen nothing but weak editing abilities, unintuitive tools and interface and I get the no-save thing a lot. I just lost my last piece of work with this turd. A relatively simple design, suddenly gone with a 404 error. Take my money and do this? F-You